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Hey there! The name is Kelly. Formally, I have a much longer name, but you can call me Kelly, Kel, Kelita, or Pepita.
I’m 25. Cis female. Demisexual. Straight? Ambisexual? we just don't know
Unemployed, and quite sensitive about it.
I have only one tattoo (I want more!) and a total of five piercings (just in the ears, I’m not hardcore enough for anyplace else). I have a metal plate with screws in my right wrist from a bad car accident back in 2009.
I was born in Manhattan (Inwood!), but grew up and currently live in the northeastern part of New Jersey. It’s pretty much 100% everything here.
I’m straight up white bread. Irish, Italian, French, Uruguayan, Middle Eastern, and Scottish. I can speak some Spanish and some German. My French is poor. I’m trying to teach myself Icelandic, Italian, and Portuguese. It's not going very well :')
I was raised Catholic, but I am an atheist. That being said, I'm absolutely not the type to shove my lack of belief down your throat, I promise.
Social democrat.
I have an Associates degree in Psychology from Bergen Community College and a Bachelors degree in Anthropology (with a minor in Sociology) from William Paterson University.
I have an intense passion for linguistic anthropology, etymology, orthography, and cartology.
My hobbies include crying over fictional characters, writing, reading, doodling, instagramming, tweeting, star gazing, hiking, napping, making mixtapes, eating, and drinking.
I run voice ask rp blogs for the following Shingeki no Kyojin characters: Hange Zoë, Isabel Magnolia, and Hitch.
I also run a ghost Pokemon appreciation/Pokeoc blog and a blog that will eventually host a story I'm working on. As of March 2014, these are blogs are still currently under construction :)


I would truly, truly appreciate it if you would tag for the following things: "car accidents", "needles", "stitches", and anything to do with 9/11 ("sept 11" , "wtc"). I only wish to blacklist photos regarding these things, so text posts regarding these subjects are fine.

I typically tag the following things with a tw: rape, sexual assault, suicide, harassment, ableism, violence, police brutality, and racism. If you would like for me to tw tag for something, please let me know! I will keep your request confidential- you can even tell me on anon.

Futhermore, if there are specific fandom spoiler tags that you would like me to use, please let me know as well! :)