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Work: M-F 8:30AM - 5PM ; 1040 deadline looming/under pressure until 10/15/14.

Currently: misc mixtapes; working on post for "Founders Era AU Week"; working on short levihan and rivetra fanmixes; thinking about doing some writing exercises involving a character and 10 songs; setting up new rp blogs; prepping for NaNoWriMo.
VA: editing auditions, editing rp replies.
IRL: mini-vacation/afh under the night of 09/28/14.

TV: Outlander (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) ; Sleepy Hollow (2x1, 2x2) ; Game of Thrones (season 4)
Anime: --
Manga: Tokyo Ghoul (1)
Cartoons: --

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01. Coffee - Sylvan Esso
02. Ain't That A Shame - Gaslight Anthem
03. Dancing (KRONO remix) - Aaron Smith
04. Hide (Tropkillaz remix) - N.A.S.A.
05. Outset - Vyking
yo soy misspepita; bandida linda.

Kelly. 26. NJ. ♎. Bucket handler at the Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory. Part-time robot who enjoys taking walks in the woods.

I track the tag 'misspepita'!

yahooooo, i was tagged by viatoretvenus!

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Rule two: answer the questions asked by your tagged and ask eleven more.
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How old are you?
26! :o

What is the first fandom that you followed on tumblr? If none, what made you join tumblr?
I think it was probably the Naruto fandom…

Recent life-changing event?
Getting a job after being unemployed for 2 years and travelling to Lebanon for the first time to meet new family.

Last dream you had while asleep?
I was being chased by a man who had me confused for someone else and he kept shooting at me D:

First OTP? (any fandom)
oh my god UMMMM probably Ash/Misty from Pokemon lmao sigh

A book that you have read in your school days?
The Things They Carried C:

Favourite food(s)?

Pasta, candy, pretzels, chips, coffee, hot chocolate, empanadas, pizza, tater tots, brie, pate, sushi, rice, edamame, lo mein, dumpling, pierogies, all kinds of breakfast foods… I am really passionate about food and eating…

Draw anything in 2 minutes. What did you draw?
Sorry, I’m at work right now, so all you get is this terrible doodle! :O

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?
I tell myself that the reward will be worth it.

Favourite atmosphere/weather? (sunny, rain, snow, seasons, humidity, silence, crickets/cicadas, etc)
I like typical fall weather- not too cold, not too hot. I like wind, overcast skies, rain, lightning & thunder, snow, ice, frost, leaves dancing around the ground…

Anything in your past that you’ve always wanted to do, and can do now?
I guess, travel? Though lately, it might not even be worth it…

I’m shit at tagging people and making up questions so ……… ye ah ;p

4 day work week but only 1 (2?) doodle produced also i made a(nother) rp blog for tobirama but………… chicka version……………k i n d a so i was trying to think of tobs but as a pretty girl ok

4 day work week but only 1 (2?) doodle produced
also i made a(nother) rp blog for tobirama but………… chicka version……………k i n d a
so i was trying to think of tobs but as a pretty girl ok

Trying out #hyperlapse! Here’s a shitty #doodle.

shitty work doodles! i dont remember which ones i posted here and which ones i didnt…… but im p sure these havent hurt the eyes of anyone.. . yet.
so we got some object heads… yehahaaaa good ol’ Jane Dicksmacker (Private Eye) and the Watson to her Holmes, Fatima. Jane is supposed to be a wadjet (tho it makes more sense in color). Fatima is a hamsa! I haven’t figured out her colors yet, tho I have a genera idea.
Up next we have some gals! Just bein gals. idk. I was half-asleep and doodling aimlessly to wake up. Girl on the left has a less-than-fashionable outfit which is upsetting. Girl on right has a messed up arm so let’s swiftly ignore that mistake! ok
Lastly, some kind of gynoid. She was originally a sexbot, but her code got messed up after falling in love with the customer who purchased her! So now she wants to kill him because he fell in love with a(n inferior) human. ◡‿◡✿I’m interested enough to get more into this but ah… only if people want to hear more, I guess!

ok ciao
/ollies away