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02. Get Some Brain - DJ Bahler (Designer Drugs + The Bloody Beetroots + Three 6 Mafia + Nine Inch Nails)
03. Palendromeda - Hark
04. Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix) - Mika Nakashima
05. Video Games (Sound Remedy remix) - Lana Del Rey
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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ July - Day 11 : Clothing


Whether fashionable or functional, what the people in your world wear is an important day to day choice. What clothing is acceptable and widely used in your cultures? What armor do they wear into a fight? What hats do they put on their heads? Let us break into the closet of your world just for a peak at least!

Everyone dresses pretty normally! Usually for the weather… so tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts for most of May through October…November through April is long sleeved shirts and pants…. basically winter weather clothes. A lot of LL Bean and flannel gets worn, mostly by the older crowd. Tourists wear generally very nice, designer clothes.

For those who plan to compete in the King Of The Mountain contest, a lot of prep needs to go into knowing what to expect on the mountains. There’s always the chance of sunstroke, sunburn, infection, mosquito bites, gnat bites, tick bites, sprains and similar joint injuries, pneumonia… so knowing what to wear while mountaineering is quite important! Sturdy boots, a decent pack, and layers are all important components.

Some sketches of other outfits… sorry these are so terrible looking! ://////
The resort uniform looks like this:
Some of the places that cater heavily to tourists have their employees dress a little more “traditional”. For example, this is what a waitress from one of the French restaurants would wear:
These are two different work outfits for BJ. The one on the left is what she wears when she helps at her mom’s tea shop. The one on the right is what she wears when doing courier work.
And here are some school uniforms that I’m too lazy to sketch out.
The boys outfit also includes shorts; the girls outfits also include socks that end just below the knee. The school colors are paris green and white.

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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ July - Day 2 : Characters


Who populates your world and story? Introduce us to the cast of your specific storyline, or list off the varied races that inhabit your world. Lets put some faces to your world, so we can maybe see your vibrant world through their eyes for but a moment.

The main character of KOTM is BJ Belmont. The initials stand for Barbara Jacquette, but she tells people it’s actually Billy Jacques. The story revolves around her quest to win the king of the mountain competition. She’s 15 and very excitable! BJ wants to win the competition to prove that girls can handle the challenge just as well as boys, and because she believes it would be the best way to honor her father. Her mother is Céleste Belmont (née Scheinberg), and she runs a little teashop in Grand-Eisendorf. Céleste likes to cook and has a very easy-going personality. BJ’s father is Leroy Belmont, the previous “king” of the mountain for the past three rounds (the competition is held every five years). Leroy however, went missing five years previous to the start of the story! His occupation was being a private investigator. He likes to tell jokes and has a strong sense of adventure.
René Marie Eisenburg-Harel, age 17, is another contestant in the competition. René is interested in winning the competition because a university he is interested in attending has a special scholarship for the winner! He has two mothers (Simone Eisenburg and Espinosa Harel), both of whom are managers at a mountain resort in Grand-Eisendorf. René doesn’t normally hang around the other kids (he goes to a different school outside the region), so he’s relatively unknown to them, and is unfortunately made fun of often.
Billy Bouchard (15) is another contestant as well. He’s quite popular, athletic, and a little bit of a jerk. He’s often seen in the company of his group of friends: Torben Gagnon, Roger Geier, Yannick Kurzmann, and Sarah Lebeau. Sarah is BJ’s ex-girlfriend, and the former treats her quite poorly. She is currently Billy’s girlfriend.

Sarah’s family has some interesting backstory; her mother (Cassandra Lebeau) runs a magic shop, her grandfather (Pipibarb Lebeau) practiced magic, her grandmother (Sybylla Lebeau) was a seer, and her father’s (Bruno) half-brother is the town mayor (Maximilien Félix Florence).
Maximilien is the grandson of the founder of Grand-Eisendorf, Jean-Étienne Félix Florence. Jean-Étienne stumbled into (Petit-)Eisendorf while lost in the wilderness and saw a huge business opportunity.

There are other characters too, but it’d be too spoilery to discuss them right now!