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Aliens of the Solarian System {Saudade species ref pt iv}

Because I did one for witches, I figured I might as well do one for aliens too! Although we won't hear as much about these beings... thought it might be fun to speculate idk

☉ The Solarian System, located in the Orion–Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy (within the Virgo Supercluster), is filled with quadrillions of inhabitants. It has 13 planets and 180 moons. Inhabitants are called Solarians. The System is divided in four sections: Petræ, Ær, Extorris, and Fengária.

• Petræ
→ Planets in this section are terrestrial. Inhabitants are often seen as simple-minded and ignorant of the cosmos at large.
☿ Mercury: known locally as Vojaĝanto. very fast life spans (80 days), very fast reproduction, metallic silver outside, liquid beings, freeze up during the day and melts during the night (nocturnal creatures). communication with each other is done via pheromones. asexual reproduction.
♀ Venus: known locally as Fekundeco. brightly colored humanoids, emits phosphorescence, communicates in light signals, the tallest of adults reach roughly 3.5ft in height, worshiping of swamp-like plants, four arms, have rough scales over body, no sensory organ for smell, people live under the water in the swamps. lifespans unknown. young hatch out of eggs buried under sand.
♁ Earth: is called Jörð by the others in this section, and Tellus by the outer sections.
♂ Mars: known locally as Kuraĝon. 'invisible' humanoid species that camouflaged themselves into their environment to keep invaders away. said to be very paranoid and eager to start wars. life spans are roughly 200 years. more males than females. polyandrous. biological reproduction.
• Ær
→ Planets in this section are gaseous. Inhabitants here are the “superpowers” of the Solarian System. They see themselves as a sort of united police force, and have the technology and firepower to back this claim up.
♃ Jupiter: known locally as Tondroreĝo. beings look similar to Portuguese Man o War. Ammonia based lifeforms. Life spans are ~300 years, possibly more. Reproduction is similar to pollination. Harem species. The smallest of species are 7 miles in length, 3 miles in body height, and 10 miles in tail length. Communication is done telepathically. Is in constant war with other minor species of the planet- these species resembles turtle, octopi, and snails, respectively.
♄ Saturn: known locally as Riĉeco. worms the size of skyscrapers with wings. communication is done telepathically. life spans are anywhere from 500 to 800 years. reproduction is done through a series of interpretative dances. said to be a very lively species. best comedians in the galactic section.
♅ Uranus: known locally as Ĉielopatro.
♆ Neptune: known locally as Akvo. humanoid species, similar looking to uranians. in addition to powerful legs to ‘swim’ through the atmosphere, they also have a powerful tail.
• Extorris
→ Planets in this section are much farther out than the other eight, and thus, are often discriminated against by inhabitants in the closer sections. Furthermore, they are often left out from political discussions. Because of these reasons, the inhabitants here have negative feelings towards the closer sections.
⊕ Pluto: known locally as Ricevilodanimoj. creatures made of ice, that live under the icy surface. they look like giant amethysts. tend to move slow. reproduction via osmosis.
⊕ Ceres: known locally as Kultivaĵoj. species similar to martians.
⊕ Quaoar: known locally as Lifarisĝin. species similar to plutonians.
⊕ Haumea: known locally as Akuŝo. species similar to plutonians; physically larger and stronger. they eat fire. monosexual, “female”. biological reproduction between two females gives two to four ‘children’.
⊕ Makemake: known locally as Kreinto. species similar to plutonians, except with wings. heavier, more rocky looking. monosexual, “male”. biological reproduction between two males gives two to four ‘children’.
⊕ Eris: known locally as Malkonkordo. shape-shifting bug species. planet suffered mass exodus millenia ago. current status unknown.
⊕ Sedna: known locally as Stampifingroj. species resembles a cross between horses, humans, and fish. polygamous. lifespan unknown. reproduction unknown.
• Fengária
→ This section is reserved for inhabitants that live on the satellites of planets from the other sections. Although there are hundreds of known moons in the Solarian System, only 180 of them are considered actual moons. However, roughly 13 of them have actual inhabitants living on them. These are typically seen as colonies of their ‘parent planet’.
☾♃ Io (Vagantebovino)
☾♃ Europa (Taŭroreĝino)
☾♃ Ganymede (Agloamanto)
☾♃ Callisto (Ursojsteloj)
☾♄ Enceladus (Tertremo)
☾♄ Tethys (Riveropatrina)
☾♄ Titan (Gigagefratoj)
☾♅ Titania (Feinoreĝino)
☾♅ Oberon (Ruzoreĝo)
☾♆ Triton (Maroviro)
☾⊕ Charon (Pramisto)
☾⊕ Nix (Noktovirino)
☾⊕ Dysnomia (Maljusteco)

Anonymous asked:

And I answered:


((i’ve decided to answer these both (kinda) ic and ooc w/e))
why I love my best friend:

isabel: with her personality, it’s no surprise that making friends comes naturally to her. although most people are bothersome and annoying…

Isabel decided that Farlan isn’t so bad. He’s a smart guy, and typically takes care of the logistics of their operations. But she seriously wishes he’d drop the intellectualist act! He typically likes lauding his own brainpower over hers; she hates it, but forgives him for it. “Just because you can read books that ain’t got no pictures n’ say big, fancy words don’t mean you’re any better than the rest of us! Sheesh….”
(When they finally come above ground and see the night sky for the first time, he does nothing but blab about the way the stars revolve and why people gave names to the stars, and she decides right then and there that Farlan is actually kinda cute when he’s using big words like, “apogee” and “parallax”.)

Isabel loves Levi in the same way siblings often love each other- half the time she wants to punch him out. His bizarre obsession with keeping things clean and organized puts her up the damn wall! She could leave their group at any time; no one ever put a gun to her head and said, “You’re staying”. But she’s thankful. He saved her and taught her how not only to survive, but how to live in their cruel world. “Give a man a fish, and he’s got dinner. Teach a man to fish, and as long as he’s got a body of water, he won’t go hungry. But, teach a man how to steal fish from the people who spend all day fishing, and he gets all the food without doing any of the work.”
Yeah, big bro was always saying long-winded metaphorical shit like that.

As for myself……hm. The truth is actually horrible and sad, but I don’t really don’t love the person who I consider as my best friend. People fall apart, move on, and become terrible. I only call them my best friend out of some sort of bizarre social obligation, but the reality is that we haven’t been best friends, or even friends -more like occasional acquaintances- for several years (2009?). They’re really the only person alive on this planet that I could entrust certain things to, but that’s about it.

{Saudade character ref} pt iii

Figured this would be useful to have.

Secondary Tritagonist Bio (Quadtagonist?)

name: Gxojond’viv
name meaning & origin: “joy of life”, Uranian. Their name is pronounced like “Susan”.
age: 50; appears mid/late 20’s
sex, gender, orientation: Kvarmontoj (Uranians have 5 sexual/gender divisions based on the number of breasts; Unutumulo for those who have none, Dualtaĵetoj for those with two, Trimontetoj for three, and Kvarmontoj for four; these divisions are also used to denote socioeconomic class by order of peasantry to royalty). The concept of gender does not exist. Singular they is typically used. Orientation is divided into four different categories:

Gxojond’viv falls under kasacii malsupren.
height, weight, build: 6’5 (~195.58 cm), 170 lbs (~77.11 kg), athletic & “banana”.
species: alien; Uranian.
residence: Currently, wherever it is that Jack is living.
family: two parents, a grandparent, three siblings.
handedness: rightie
voice: Blackfire! Maybe a little deeper? I’m not sure yet.
personality: proud warrior queen -type. passionate, perfectionist. big believer in justice.
appearance: light blue-green skin, red hair with blond streaks, dark green eyes, 4 sets of gills (8 total), 3 fingers, left arm cut off at the elbow and replaced with a energy-based prosthetic. dresses in a lot of low cut dresses.

{Saudade character refs} pt ii

Figured this would be useful to have.

the Rosa Mystica

names, roles: Mads Abrahamsen and Daniel Schuler. Priests, followers of Mary; members of the Rosa Mystica.
name meaning & origin: Danish first name and last name, “gift of God”, “son of Abraham”; Hebrew first name,”God is my judge”, German surname, “scholar (training to be a priest)”.
age:both are somewhere in their early-mid 30’s.
sex, gender, orientation:both are cismale and homosexual (in the closet).
height, weight, build: 5’9, 140 lbs, mesomorph; 6’3, 165 lbs, ectomorph.
species: human.
residence: Hamburg, Germany (HRE). Though they’ve been travelling quite a lot.
handedness: both men are righties.
voices: Mads would absolutely have to be voiced by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau buttttttttttt Nickolaj speaks pretty much perfect accentless English, and I want Mads to have an accent……… so perhaps Mads Mikkelsen instead? tbh I really liked the name Mads and that’s literally why Mads has that name………. ; Daniel is basically a German Drakken.
personality: Mads is always in a holly jolly mood, Daniel is consistently grumpy.
appearance: Mads has fair skin, sandy blonde hair, and brown eyes. Daniel has fair skin with a ruddy complexion, auburn hair, and brown eyes. Both men tend to wear typical priest’s clothes- all black, white collar. Mads sometimes wears a cassock. This is a really good photo of both of them, lbh.
the Rosa Mystica: a multi-religious, international group of intellectuals that wish to ally themselves with witches. They view magic as a gift from God, and witches as physical manifestations of the Virgin Mary. Their goal is to understand magic, and to spin witchcraft in a positive light.

Der Hexenhammer

names, roles: Axel Jagr
name meaning & origin: Scandanavian, “man of peace”; German surname (Czech spelling?), “hunter”.
age: 40’s
sex, gender, orientation: cishet male.
height, weight, build: 5’11, 160 lbs, ectomorph.
species: human
residence: Cologne, Germany (HRE)
handedness: originally a leftie (a priest burned his left palm to “get rid of the devil’s influence”), learned to be rightie.
voice: are you even surprised
personality: corrupt misogynist “why don’t poor people just buy more money”. he literally believes he is doing god’s work/saving humanity from satan, and that god talks to him every now and then. very charismatic.
appearance: Kind of something like this outfit, but not as ridiculous.
Der Hexenhammer: an anti-magic group that hunts down witches/supposed witches/familiars, and kill them in the name of God. Axl is the current leader.

die Königlichexe

names, roles:Gríma, “the King’s witch”. Royal magician.
name meaning & origin: Old Norse, “mask”.
age: 60’s, possibly older.
sex, gender, orientation: unknown.
height, weight, build: 5’7, 115 lbs?, bony/slender
species: witch/Hexen
residence: Oslo, Norway.
handedness: left-handed
voice: on the dot
personality: kind, charming, witty, polite, a bit of a trickster.
appearance: Yzmaaaaaaa!
magic type: indigo/holy
die Königlichexe: the title of the most powerful witch in any given land. they “belong” to the royal family. This is Gríma’s formal title, and has been her title for the past 50 years.

{Saudade character refs} pt i

Figured this would be useful to have.

Þorn/Thorn family bios

Þ names, roles: Hlíf (mother); Óskmey (eldest sister); Uschi (youngest sister); Dýrfinna (“auntie”); Wilheim (“cousin”)
Þ name meanings & origin: Old Norse, a mix of “shelter”, “defense”, and “life”; Old Norse, “wish girl” (valkyrie); German, “young bear”; Old Norse, “deer sorcerer”; German, “desire to protect”.
Þ ages: 40’s-50’s; late 20’s; early teens; 40’s-50’s; late teens-early 20’s.
Þ sex, gender, orientation: all the witches are female cis with the exception of Uschi who is fluid but mostly retains a feminine appearance and prefers feminine pronouns. Hlíf and Óskmey are lesbians, Dýrfinna and Wilheim are straight. Wilheim is a cis male. Uschi is gray-A, but this may change due to her young age.
Þ height, weight, build: 5’7, 155 lbs, pear; 6’0, 165 lbs, athletic apple; 4’11, 105 lbs, banana; 5’5, 110 lbs, underweight banana; 6’1, 155 lbs, ectomorph.
Þ species: Hexen (witch), with the exception of Wilheim, who is “Mannhexe” (male witch; <5% of the European witch population).
Þ residence: a southern part of Scandinavia/northern part of Germany.
Þ voices: Gumball’s mum is literally perfect for Hlíf; Hawkgirl for Óskmey; Cree Summer for Uschi; finding a voice for Dýrfinna was quite difficult, but Hana Mae Lee pretty much nails it; and a slightly deeper Danny Fenton for Wilheim.
Þ personality: kind, very warm; aggressive; playful, weird; sad, tense; bored, angsty.
Þ appearance: Hlíf and Óskmey have straight pale blonde hair and grey eyes; Uschi has fluffy light brown hair and amber eyes; Dýrfinna has dark brown (with greys) hair that is stringy and thinning and blue eyes; Wilheim has flat blonde hair and blue eyes. Everyone mostly wears simple clothes. Hlíf, Óskmey, and Dýrfinna have pale white skin, Uschi and Wilheim have fair white. Uschi is a shapeshifter, and tends to incorporate a lot of animal “parts” in her appearance (ie, cat fangs, bear ears, buck antlers, etc).
Þ magic type: yellow/luck; red/blood; purple/shapeshifting; green/nature.

Þ names, roles: Jacqueline née LaVoie (mother); Ragnar (father); Michele (younger brother).
Þ name meanings & origin: French, “may God protect”, “the way (like a path)”; Norse, “warrior from the gods” and “strong counselor”; French, “gift from God”.
Þ ages: late 40’s-early 50’s; early 50’s; 10.
Þ sex, gender, orientation: Parents are cishet. Michele is male, dabbles in cross-dressing which makes people wonder. Again, due to a young age, exact g/o is unknown.
Þ height, weight, build: 5’5, 175 lbs, pear; 6’7, 230 lbs, endomorph; 4’9, 90 lbs, ectomorph.
Þ species: human.
Þ residence: New Jersey.
Þ voices: Jacqueline sounds like any of the moms from these series; movie Thor but with less Shakespeare and more Canadian (Manitoba regional) for Ragnar; english dub Trunks makes for a good Michele.
Þ personality: Jacqueline is very Type A, Ragnar is very Type B. Michele doesn’t care about very much of anything, only video games.
Þ appearance: Jacqueline and Michele share the exact same looks- olive skin, black hair, and blue eyes. Ragnar has pale white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. Jacqueline wears high-end designer clothes and shoes, Chanel No 5 perfume, a gold cross and bracelets, pearl earrings, minimal makeup, and always sports a french manicure. Ragnar is on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum; his closet consists of white tube socks, trade union member shirts, flannel, jeans, Timberlands, and beanies. Michele dresses like a typical 10 year old boy for the most part- graphic tees, sneakers, jeans. Sometimes he sneaks into his mom’s closet and tries on her dresses because “they look pretty and comfy and smell nice”. He always keeps a pair of headphones and DS in his pocket.
Þ occupations: Jacqueline is a paralegal, Ragnar is an electrician.

Love Is A Battleground

These were originally written in 2006, finished in 2011, and polished up in 2014. It should be of no surprise to anyone, on account of the fact that I’m a lazy tool! Prompts were taken from the LiveJournal community 1sentence (specifically the “alpha set”). Cheesy romance, cheesy humor, and some dumb sad feels. Rating would be T/Teen and like, M for maybe one or two of them. Reaching around 2k words. Apologies for the lame title, but 2006 was a simpler time. The whole thing is under a cut to preserve eyes.

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wisdom, justice, and love (freewrite; nov 2010)

I’m sitting in the car and I’m thinking of things to write I’m disappointed because I haven’t done any schoolwork that is actually meaningful yet (two weeks) and I’m content (?) with watching a black man in army fatigues wave an american flag and shake a large bucket plastic of what I presume should be for monetary donations and I cannot help but feel like the ultimately evil person in this scenario because I want to open my heart and wallet and give money for whatever it is that he is asking for
what are you asking for man
are you an army vet
are you working for the Salvation Army and couldn’t find a Santa suit

Thanksgiving is never the time of giving it is the time of taking away

I don’t think that anything in life can be planned anymore
because we don’t know what to expect
is not like a birthday surprise, it’s more like when you study real hard for an exam and then fail
a “shit surprise”

(I’m not sure what to do about it
although does it matter much? There is nothing much to do about it
whether the choice was mine
but its not)


I think if we could switch shoes it might make a difference but that is why those sorts of stories are fictional.

and I keep watching all the rich white people ignore the black man in army fatigues, smiling as they walk away with bags full of food
but they haven’t given him any money
why are you smiling

come raise your head, autumn’s child (freewrite; nov 2010)

Tenzou will you ever find your peace?
will you answer those unanswered questions
(__who is my mother and father
__my family name
__where are they
__do they miss me)
or do you believe in ignorance being bliss? I have never known for you to be a happy man but I think you need some answers to continue this life fulfillingly

“this village is everything that I fight for
my family
my name”

I can’t steal your heart away (freewrite; nov 2010)

"I think I’m in love" words he said that ultimately prevented a violent home invasion
the target screamed, throwing an alarm clock at his fazed face

days later after the botched burglary, he returned to her door, flowers in hand,
she opened the door with a degree of guardedness
following with a shriek and the door being firmly slammed
one, two, three locks (two deadbolts and a key lock; of course he would remember)
footsteps, running,
the sound of a phone being picked up from its cradle

after careful consideration, he quite loudly demanded that his stolen goods be returned to him
dropping the phone, she screamed while running back to the door, WHAT DID YOU JUST DARE TO SAY

“my heart”

it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah (freewrite; nov 2010)

I’m not sure what I would do if it started raining men
I think I’d feel bad because it must hurt when they hit the ground
but I would be curious because how did they even get up there in the clouds in the first place
but I would also seriously run for cover because it hurts when people fall over you

I wonder what a rainbow would look like afterwards this “menfall”
maybe like a bunch of dicks in the sky
(a dog sheds a single tear)