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Original Plotline Meme


So, you have your own plotline, you say… With your own characters, and your own story…? What kind of story is it?
Adventure! Magic! Social commentary! Nice.

Does your story have a main character? What is he/she like?
Totally! The main character is a gal by the name of BJ Belmont. Her initials stand for Barbara Jacquette, but she tells people it’s Billy Jacques.
BJ likes adventure! She’s a bit clumsy but is also quite friendly and excitable.

Do any of your characters have bad habits you’d like to share with us?
She’s too trusting and gullible… She doesn’t really “get” it if her presence is unwanted… Excitability, inability to stay still, a little immature…

Who is the hardest character to draw? Why?
The giants! Only because I can’t really picture them well in my head.

Who is the easiest?
Sara Lebeau or BJ.

Who is your favorite character? Just what is it that makes them so grand?
Leroy Belmont. He’s a legendary hero and the perfect dad ◡‿◡
which is why I killed him off. ʘ‿ʘ

Now who is your LEAST favorite? Why?
Billy Bouchard, the town douchebag.

How would your least favorite react if they saw you hugging your favorite?
They’d probably get freaked out to see someone hugging a corpse!

Everyone seems to have that one character that they put through hell. Who is yours?
Probably René Marie Eisenburg-Harel. I purposely gave him that name just for the other kids to make fun of him.

What kind of horrible things have you done to him/her?
The name! But also he’s kind of a dork that tries a bit too hard to be cool. And everyone sees that. It’s a little embarrassing…

Does your story have an antagonist? What makes him/her so deliciously evil?
The giants, Rothüne, Blauhüne, and Grünhüne. They guard the mountains and occasionally eat humans. Only occasionally!

Who is your most obnoxious character? What makes them so annoying?
Definitely BJ lmao

Who is your sexiest character? How sexy are they?
I’m the sexiest character; it’s me, I’m the one.
It’s probably Sarah Lebeau, our pretty girl.

Ooh, that’s pretty sexy alright. So, if all your characters got into a fight, who would ultimately triumph?
The giants, probably. Maybe Pipibarb Lebeau, who was a great wizard in his time (the 1960’s). Or a yet unknown character more powerful than these lot…

Lastly, what is your favorite thing about your story?
I like to think that I’m taking steps with types of representation… a few mixed ethnic and racial backgrounds, mixed religions, mixed/non-typical families, characters with behavioral disabilities, characters that aren’t straight, characters that are bigender, female body rights and social commentary regarding female appearance (re: body hair)… I think that representation in media is incredibly important and I like to think that I can personally make small strides to do my best to accurately and humanly represent some minorities in whatever stories I try to tell.

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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ J̶u̶l̶y̶ August - Day 30 : Wrap-up


What are some major parts of your world that you’ve built this month that you hadn’t quite gotten to before? What are some parts that you never thought you would have built but have become important components to your world? Today we’re reflecting on all the work we’ve done and maybe even looking further back from when you first dreamed up your world, what was it like back then when the creative spark had yet to be fanned into a flame?
All of it, to be honest! I did this more as a exercise to help build my fictional-world-within-our-world. It was wonderfully helpful!

I first came up with the idea of BJ while showering at a hotel down at the shore… I was shaving and nicked myself badly… While trying to make sure I wasn’t getting blood anywhere else in the bathroom, I began to think about scantily-clad women in fantasy. Apart from how preposterous the idea was (bikini armor, sigh), I began wondering about body hair. Men seem to be so terrified about the idea of a woman with hair anywhere else apart from her head. And yet, shaving legs and underarms is a rather modern idea. So wouldn’t these bikini chain-mail babes also be covered in body hair?
(The thought of explaining this to some neckbeard fedora made me laugh so hard I almost nicked myself again)
So in my mind, I quickly created a cute feminine girl who liked adventure but who also had body hair, leading to harassment from males… I even initially documented this on twitter! Check it:

the BEST synopsis for any story EVER

She was a detective for the local police station… Lucy Willy.
He was a private investigator specializing in insurance fraud… Bernie Weiner.
One night of handcuffs and passion resulted in a child… Richard “Dick” Willy-Weiner.

16 years later, a parents worst nightmare has happened and Richard has gone missing. Now it’s up to Willy and Weiner to come together after nearly two decades apart to solve:


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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ J̶u̶l̶y̶ August - Day 29 : the Sea


One of the biggest mysteries of our own world is the sea. It’s deep, vast, and for the most part is still inaccessible in its deepest parts. What dwells in your worlds oceans? What about other bodies of water? How does it fit into the lives of your people? Remember that rivers and seaworthy vessels were and still are invaluable to trade over long distances.
The closest ocean is the Atlantic Ocean, to the west of Mont Feurer. On this side of the mountain is Fire Beach, a small slightly rocky beach that also serves as a nudist colony. Not too many people from Eisendorf visit, but some tourists might. There is a small BBQ shack, a bathroom with lockers, and a small lighthouse.

At the summit of Mont Wasser is a crater lake. This lake flows down the valley as the Großfleuve, and ends in Grand-Eisendorf as the Großlac. The Großfleuve has a tendency to overflow and can cause a lot of problems up on Mont Wasser, not to mention occasional valley flooding.
Mont Wasser is also home to a few swamps. They’re small and vastly unnamed. The biggest one however, is called the Laughing Frog Swamp.

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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ J̶u̶l̶y̶ August - Day 28 : Underground


What’s beneath the surface of your planet? What lurks in dark caves and churns under the crust? What lays idly by asleep for centuries awaiting to be awoken? What awaits treasure hunters who excavate down down down?
The Ramapo fault line? Ha- I’m not really sure! Perhaps the giants have summer homes in some caves somewhere.

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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ J̶u̶l̶y̶ August - Day 27 : Relationships


How do the folks in your world form together? How do their frienships and more than friendships work? Do they greet each other with a punch in the gut or a subtle gesture? Do they believe in love? Do they believe in soulmates? What about when their relationships get to the next level, are there rituals involved there?

Here’s a quick relationship chart:
imageMost of the kids know each other because they go to school together. René is a bit of an outsider because he goes to a different school in a different town; no one knows him pretty well.
I don’t really know what else to say… ask me questions, if you’d like!

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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ J̶u̶l̶y̶ August - Day 26 : Names


I’m going to be stealing this one because I spaced on it even though it was one of the first posts I made about my own world for WBJ! I think we all know how rough it is to give something or someone a name. It’s a huge commitment and will be the first impression most folks get of that character. Even the names of cities, spells, and everything in between are important! So let’s dig into those names. What are common naming tropes in your world and why have you chosen them?
The common naming tropes are mostly French and German names. The same goes for place names. I absolutely love anthroponymy and toponymy and am 100% always down to talk about etymologies hhhhhhh

So names! Here are the name meanings and why I chose them:
Barbara Jacquette - foreign (named after St. Barbara, the patron saint of architects, geologists, stonemasons) ; supplanter (I just really like the name Jacques eheh but also the name meaning nicely coincided… “to take the place of another”)
Billy Jacques - desire+helmet (I already knew the B in BJ was going to stand for Billy, and I decided to choose Jacques as the J. Jacquette is just the female form of the name…)
Leroy - “the king” (because he’s a well-known ‘king’ c;)
Belmont - beautiful+mountain (named because I wanted them to have a mountain themed last name)
Céleste - “of the sky, heavenly” (can’t reveal why yet!)
Scheinberg - beautiful+mountain (!!!!)
René Marie - born again ; beloved (two male spellings of typical female names, which I wanted for my main male character)
Simone - “he has heard” (no reason other than I liked it)
Espinosa - “thorny” (technically a last name but I really liked it anyway~)
Eisenburg - iron+mountain (mountain-themed last names strike again!)
Harel - “mountain of god” (MOUNTAIN THEMED LAST NAMES)
Billy - desire+helmet (I thought it’d be funny if BJ tells people her name is Billy just to piss Billy off)
Boucher - “butcher” (punk-ass last name for a punk-ass bitch)
Torben - “thor’s bear” (the big guy)
Gagnon - “guard dog” (see above)
Roger - “fame+spear” (I like weapon-themed names eheh)
Geier - “vulture” (he likes money and the last name is a nickname for a greedy person as well)
Yannick - “god is gracious”
Kurzmann - “short man” (because he’s a short guy)
Sarah - “lady/princess” (because she’s popular~)
Cassandra - “shining among man” (picked because she can see the future, just like the famous prophet)
Sybylla - “prophet” (to keep with the prophet name themes)
Pipibarb - (can’t reveal this one just yet!)
Lebeau - “the beautiful one” (because she’s pretty~~)
Bruno - “brown” (no reason)
Maximilien Félix - “greatest” ; “lucky/successful” (both because he’s a successful businessman)
Jean-Eugène - “god is good” ; “well born” (I like the name Jean and the second name is to reflect his social status)
Jean-Étienne - “god is good” ; “crown” (basically the same as the above)
Heidi - “noble+type” (because she also comes from a rich family)
Agatha - “good” (no reason)
Florence - “prosperous, flourishing” (because they’re rich!)
Hélène - “torch” (named after Helen of Troy)
Yseult - “ice + battle” (named after the character from the story Tristan and Iseult)
Hellelil - named after a character in this poem about tragic lovers
Rothüne - “red giant”, RH has a real name, but that’s a secret!
Blauhüne - “blue giant”, his real name is also a secret~
Grünhüne - “green giant”, also has a secret real name.
Here are some place name meanings. Similar with the names, they are a mix of French and German.
Eisen Montagnes - iron (DE) mountains (FR)
Mont Feuer - mount (FR) fire (DE)
Mont Wasser - mount (FR) water (DE)
Mont Luft - mount (FR) wind (DE)
Großfleuve - large (DE) river (FR)
Petit-Eisendorf - small (FR) iron village (DE)
Grand-Eisendorf - big (FR) iron village (DE)
Großlac - large (DE) lake (FR)
Some important items!
Höllensturm - hell storm (DE)
Flutsturm - flood storm (DE)
Wirbelsturm - wind storm (DE)
Eisencouronne - iron (DE) crown (FR)
Last but not least, the most important and honorable title one can achieve…
der König d’la Montagne - the king (DE) of the mountain (FR)

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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ J̶u̶l̶y̶ August - Day 25 : Free Day


I found a bunch of neato prompts (courtesy of other users who participated in WBJ), so here we go!

From voodoo-otter: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.
Typical American attitudes towards sex and drugs- it’s all Bad Stuff. Though of course, that doesn’t stop people from doing the sex or smoking a pot. Perhaps a few of our characters are sexually active, but it’s not really the focus. Same goes for drugs! Perhaps Billy and his friends might dabble in something, but it’s not the focus. There are some people who perhaps use heroin or meth, but they’re not in the story.

Music is typically played at the resort or at cafés and restaurants. It can be anything from classic rock, contemporary pop, or traditional songs. During the festival weeks, there are many live bands that come to sing and play traditional songs.
I’ve started working on a playlist for King Of The Mountain. The theme is mostly indie, maybe some bluegrass, and many songs about adventure and mountains!
From closetextrovert: Celebrities! Who are the big names in your world who became big names through music, or acting, or books, or… just being famous? The internet needs to know!
The Florence family is famous simply braise they descended from Grand-Eisendorf’s founder, Jean-Étienne. They have a large hand in both local and state-level politics.
Typically the winner of the King Of The Mountain competition is also a celebrity; until the next competition in five years time. Leroy Belmont became extremely well-known and well-respected all over the county for winning multiple times over.
From caidsidhe: Personal Toilette! Yeah, you heard right, toilette - it means personal grooming (washing, shaving, brushing, you know the drill). Do the people (or other sentient being) of your setting bathe regularly, if at all? Do they have heated baths they can sink into and nice smelling soaps and perfumes, or is a dip in the local pond more of the norm? If so, do your characters favor any kind of soaps or detergent in particular? Tell us about their little grooming habits and quirks, and who is most likely to be upset that someone borrowed their shampoo.
Sure, everyone bathes.
Everyone except BJ. She doesn’t mind the dirt- it’s a protective layer. She’ll shower once a week, if she remembers.
BJ gets regularly harassed by Billy and his friends because of her lack of feminine care; i.e. she doesn’t care much to shave. Nor does she hide body hair! 90° weather means short-shorts and tank tops, body hair be damned. BJ literally Does Not care. She thinks it’s pretty funny that others do!

René on the other hand, loves the idea of a hot shower everyday, maybe twice a day if he feels like it. He likes being clean and maintaining a clean appearance. This causes others to typically label him as a “clean freak”, which he despises. Another one of his reasons for entering the competition is to prove to others that he can handle roughing it out.
From allyrantz: What is the biggest change between the universe you have now and the one you first came up with? Or you can make it how much has one character changed since you first came up with the idea?
I think the biggest change is that there are suddenly a lot of characters that I didn’t originally plan out. It was simply supposed to be a story about a girl, a talisman, and her journey through three mountains to solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance. I already had BJ in mind as a girl who liked wearing miniskirts and short-shorts and didn’t shave her legs.
BJ was originally going to be older than she is now (18 instead of 15), a 38C (with many unwelcome sexual comments from men especially regarding her name), and with a different personality- BJ was going to be dry and cynical instead of excitable and bubbly.
The journey she goes on became a contest, and if there’s a contest, there must be competitors. A ski and mountain resort town invented itself suddenly, based upon my own experiences of being in those sorts of places.

I guess if there is anyone like myself who is doing WBJ in July (or August or whenever), I’ll give you a prompt for Day 25 as well! Here:
Are there any real cultures that inspired some of your characters, customs, languages, or places? Or were you inspired by other fictional worlds? Tell me all about your inspirations!

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World Building J̶u̶n̶e̶ J̶u̶l̶y̶ August - Day 24 : The sky


When you look up in your world, what do you see? What’s up there? Birds? dragons? Thick oppressive clouds? A couple moons? A ring that encircles the planet? We look down at our feet as we build but it’s time to look up and out. What do your wild new horizons look like?
Just regular stuff! Clouds, stars, the sun and moon, birds…yep.

Though on the mountains it’s a completely different situation. Large storms suddenly appear out of nowhere. A cloud passing by can instantly become a torrential rainstorm in a matter of minutes! On one mountain it can be snowing, while a wildfire rages on the other one. Most would attribute these bizarre weather patterns to the giants. Others, such as scientists from all over the world, are still trying to find the answer.

During the night, the moon and stars are in their normal places… save for (you guessed it) on the mountains. Sometimes the stars and moon are where they ought to be. Sometimes they switch positions! And for some particular reason, the constellation of Orion always remains in a fixed position in the sky…